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Pig Farm Consultancy
Peelweg 16
5813 AD Ysselsteyn
The Netherlands


  • hands on
  • 35 years experience
  • references
  • result driven

Pig Farm Consultancy

The core solution of PFC includes hands-on interim management on pig farming.  The primary focus is improving the technical results.  The work area goes from translating the administration ratios to the instruction and training of the workers who do the physical work.  So PFC operates mainly in the stable. The situation in your business determines how often and how long it is necessary for PFC to be available. The technical result to be achieved at term is given upfront. Reports are kept short and relevant. Important issue is the instruction and learning process from you and your staff.

Improving the technical results

In order to make use of the services optimally and cost effective, it is important that in each case the most relevant factors are monitored and improved.  This is done through a proven protocol.  There will be an inventory based on the current situation. PFC does on the basis of this inventory, a statement of the technical result to be achieved. Main factors:

  • General management
  • Workflow
  • Insemination and maternity
  • Healthcare
  • Selection breeding
  • Linearity (ratio sows, boars, pigs)
  • Systems, nutrition and climate
  • Future (investments)

It is pointless to address all factors simultaneously.  A number of factors will sort effective results on the short term. These factors are involved at first in the process.  By isolating factors, we are able to filter out where most of the effect is sorted and on-going optimisation can take place.  PFC works with a proven protocol.  Contact PFC for more information about our working method.

Cost effective interim management

PFC is not for 3 months in the office to write a voluminous report. Depending on the situation and the targets PFC will visit your company several times a year. Both in the system and on the workplace the key points will be inventoried.  Employees are instructed physically in the stable and reporting takes place through a proven protocol.  In the period after the visit, the pig farm will work according to the instructions and protocol of PFC.  After the intensive visits it is possible to plan follow-up visits (1 to 2 times / year) to follow up the protocol introduced working method and a check up. The aim is an evaluation and sharpening the results.  During the process you will experience that the technical results are improving.  Ask for references of PFC and ask what we can do for you.

Working area Pig Farm Consultancy

PFC works worldwide. It is also possible to organize a training program on location for you and your employees.

PFC for you

If you have a business in pig farming and a professional attitude PFC can make a tailor made suggestion.  In the present time the competition is fierce, scale essential and excellent operational performance is a must to ensure continuity of the company. Contact PFC if your processes can be improved but you do not know exactly how.